Why is everyone raving about this CBD skin care variety? We asked Elixinol's Head of Cosmetics ... 1

Why is everyone raving about this CBD skin care variety? We asked Elixinol's Head of Cosmetics ... 2
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Why is everybody raving about this CBD skincare range? We asked Elixinol’s Head of Cosmetics …

Clair Rose has actually operated in the beauty industry for years, working with popular brands and luxury sellers. We asked her about the newest trend in skin care, CBD, and how it works in Elixinol’s brand-new skincare line with other natural active ingredients to smooth and firm acne-prone and ageing skin.

When it comes to skin care, nobody understands it much better than Elixinol’s head of cosmetics Clair Rose. She’s remained in the charm market for over 22 years, dealing with bestselling brand names and all the high street merchants.

Clair became enthusiastic about skin care from an early age, having actually fought with frustrating skin the majority of her life. She is a self-confessed skin care compulsive and truly puts her heart into each product she assists produce.

She was asked to join the Elixinol group a year back, a company that’s specialised in CBD for over 20 years, to direct their skin care department and has actually invested the last year dealing with CBD specialists to create Elixinol Skin– a vegan and sustainable CBD-infused skincare range.


Here, we ask Clair about CBD– what it is exactly and what makes it so efficient– and how Elixinol’s new range has such transformative outcomes on troublesome skin.

Why is everyone raving about this CBD skin care variety? We asked Elixinol's Head of Cosmetics ... 3

How did the Elixinol skin care range happened? What were the goals for it? Elixinol is a Global CBD company with over 25 years heritage and experience and the CBD professionals in capsules and Casts. Being a market leader, they understood that CBD skin care was the “next big thing” therefore they set out to produce a variety of natural, exceptional skin care items– total with all of the advantages of CBD. The objective is to develop a skin care variety with CBD that people will try, like and share how it revolutionises their previous regimes.

CBD items can come in varying qualities, just how much CBD does Elixinol Skin include and why is that essential?

Elixinol skin consists of cold-pressed, CO2-extracted CBD. This suggests it’s the purest CBD available packed with all the very best bits and leaving behind the nasties. Depending upon the size of the product we have the appropriate quantity of CBD. For example our Cleansing Balm is 100 ml and contains 100 mg of CBD. This is the right amount the skin needs. Any more and it would likely be a waste, as the skin just absorbs what it requires.

Explain to me the difference in between CBD and THC?

We get asked this all the time! When I told pals I was dealing with a CBD skin care variety I got: “What, a skincare that makes you high?!”. THC is the part of the marijuana plant that offers you the “high,” which so lots of incorrectly relate to CBD. During our extraction process we remove the THC so we get all the benefits of the plant with none of the psychoactive adverse effects. We even have independent labs license that our items are within the legal limits of THC allowance – not something we see occurring with lots of CBD business in the industry, regrettably.

How did you become included?

I have actually operated in the Appeal market in the UK for over 22 years. Last October I was asked to satisfy the Elixinol group in Spain to provide some independent and skilled recommendations on their brand-new skincare range. I offered them my truthful feedback and told them of the enhancements they might make. I was then asked to get on a train to Madrid, go to the factory and make those enhancements! This was a total delight to be able to sit with a formula chemist and go back to square one with a blank page.

Having totally free reign indicated that we might choose every comprehensive component along with ensuring everything was vegan, natural and cruelty-free. We then took it an action even more to make sure all items are paraben, sulphate-free, gender neutral and all product packaging is recyclable. As a skincare fanatic I wished to develop a variety that customers would associate as being calming and soothing, so we utilized components like chamomile and aloe vera that the consumer would recognise and feel “safe” using.

But I likewise wanted the products to actually “do something”, so we added peptides, which are scientifically shown to assist with lines, wrinkles and firmness. Then, obviously, the magnificent CBD ingredient. We are very restricted in what we can state about CBD (due to regulations) but I would urge individuals to do their own research study to see the advantages of CBD on the skin! I’m so happy with what we have actually produced.

Talk me through the range, what each is for and how they work?

The range consists of 8 products which develop a full skin care program. All products appropriate for all skin types.


Why is everyone raving about this CBD skin care variety? We asked Elixinol's Head of Cosmetics ... 4

  • Cleansing Balm is a gentle buttery like texture that you massage into wet skin. It removes makeup and cleans the skin. It feels soft and silky. This product is 100 ml and includes 100 mg of CBD. It has calming chamomile and aloe vera to relieve and hydrate the skin.
  • Skin Tonic is a toner which is 96.25% natural origin ingredients, includes vitamin C, arnica and grapefruit– all components typically understood to hydrate and offer the skin a glow.
  • Invigorating Serum is a light, milky fluid and the very first of our products with a peptide. Use this under your moisturiser for added hydration and increased skin. It is made from 97.25% natural origin ingredients and consists of white tea and rosehip oil, which are understood anti-ageing components along with the peptide and CBD.
  • Day Cream is a light souffle texture and has a charming lemony scent to revitalize and awaken in the morning. It includes chamomile and aloe vera in addition to 50 mg of CBD. It also contains an olive extract which is 10 times more reliable than Vitamin E and 100 times more effective than Vitamin C, for genuinely improved skin. This is made of 98% natural origin ingredients and is a lovely hydrating cream to utilize in the morning.
  • Night Cream is a rich, creamy texture and is fragranced with lavender oil to relax you prior to sleep. It consists of Rosehip and white tea in addition to 50 mg of CBD. This likewise contains a peptide medically shown to increase the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid, which could result in fuller firmer skin. This is made of 98.75% natural origin components.
  • Eye Contour is a helpful, rollerball eye cream. It’s targeted to assault great lines, puffiness and dark circles. The metal rollerball applicator gives a cooling and relaxing experience to the skin making you feel more awake. And once again, it boasts high natural origin active ingredients at 96.2%.
  • Wonder Oil is a powerhouse of 6 necessary oils. You can use the oil all over the face, body and hair. I enjoy to use it on “non-video calling” days! I can simply sit with a face covered in oil which is incredibly hydrating and nourishing to the skin. The oil is 99.95% natural origin active ingredients and is made from: jojoba, avocado, arnica, chamomile, rosehip and geranium oil with 75mg of CBD. It’s fantastic on knees and elbows; add a couple of drops to your body cream or to your bath for an overall day spa experience. You can likewise utilize the oil in the hair, adding a few drops to wet or dry hair to keep it smooth, smooth and hydrated.
  • Face Mask is my indulgent item. It is made from 96.6% ingredients of natural origin. There are 4 sachets of the face mask in each pack. It’s a mud mask that is developed to relax, soothe and hydrate the skin. I utilize one mask every Friday night so that my skin is glowing for the weekend. Each mask contains 15mg of CBD.
So your mama likes the range too? Tell me about her rave evaluation!

Over the last 22 years, I have actually provided my mum a few of the leading skin care worldwide just to learn she would use it on her birthday and at Christmas. Thankfully, she has actually been blessed with great skin however it can get dry as the seasons change. In September, she asked me if I might suggest anything for her skin (yes, mum, I just created a skin care line I have actually been speaking about all year!).

I offered her a pot of our Day Cream but didn’t actually expect anything. Three days later on, I got a call from her saying, “Wow! My skin feels remarkable! Where can I compose a review? It’s the finest thing I’ve ever tried.” She’s my mum, so she’s expected to like the important things I do however, seriously, this is one hard-to-please skin care consumer. I’m pleased to report she’s not conserving the rest to use at Christmas however has managed to use it nearly every day.

The Wonder Oil has been a substantial hit, inform me why you believe it’s so popular.

Facial oils, in general, have ended up being actually popular recently with customers desiring that extra boost to the skin. Our oil is a lovely mix that’s not ugly and heavy on the skin. The reality that you can use our oil all over the face, body and hair is an included perk, as all of us desire that bit more from our products now too. The factor I added geranium oil was for its beautiful, soft flower scent without being overtly womanly. It’s a high-end product however with many benefits and its stunning texture, it deserves the splurge and I understood it would be the finest seller.

Tell me in your own words about the farmers you work with and the benefits of having such close ties with the source item?

Elixinol only deals with suppliers that source natural hemp and have a fully traceable supply chain. We take that extremely seriously. The benefit is being able to offer the highest quality of CBD and hemp products. While it is a more strict procedure than some others might undergo, it makes sure our clients can put our items in or on their bodies with self-confidence that they have been checked, evaluated and independently validated.

What are the advantages you have observed from using Elixinol Skin?

As a teenager I had really bad cystic acne; I literally appeared like a pepperoni pizza! I strove on my skincare program and became obsessed with components. I still need to work on my skin now even in my early forties as I discover new obstacles with inflammation and indications of aging. I’ve been utilizing all the laboratory samples since last October and I have actually seen a decrease in my soreness around the nose and cheek area along with an overall smoother texture to my skin.

What other natural components are included in the skin care variety and why?

There is a typical thread of natural familiar components throughout the entire range that include chamomile, aloe vera, white tea and rosehip oil. These are active ingredients understood by everyone and their advantages. It was essential that we stay with our heritage and brand name worths by only utilizing the finest natural active ingredients to produce our skincare range.

Have you got a preferred product from the variety?

That’s like asking me to pick a preferred kid! I love them all, seriously, I do. I wouldn’t have agreed and authorized them to be made if I didn’t see, touch and feel the advantages of each item. Some returned to the drawing board a few times prior to I approved a final variation. Yes, I’m fussy, however I wanted everything to be as ideal as possible prior to being released.

Elixinol’s CBD-infused range, including its much-hailed miracle oil, is now finally available in Ireland, solely at Boots.

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