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< img src=" "class=" ff-og-image-inserted" > Our premium T1 hemp flowers are winning the battle of the bud with their resonant notes of fruit and their garish orange hairs.

We do not imply to modest brag, however after busting this Wife/Afghan Skunk hybrid out like an employer, we’re getting a little worn out of all this winning. As soon as you have actually familiarized yourself with its superior bouquet of soft cheese, black berries and maple syrup, we think you’ll agree that this smokable CBD dank deserves elite status.

These buds are constructed to bring you through these dark times in our American history. With 14% CBD, 0.27% CBG and a CBD/THC ratio of 32 to 1, T1 Trump hemp flower is prepared to calm your ass down before you end up in a panic spiral.

Our chunky nugs have white crystal trichomes that make it a standout among present cultivars. Not to be puzzled with the Stormy Daniels strain which declares to be bred from a cherry [bloom], our T1 Trump hemp flower is the genuine deal. Everything else is phony news.

Real T1 Trump hemp flower never ever sleeps. It’s an imaginative and starving strain that is field checked and ensured to satisfy one and all US cigarette smokers. If you’re not smiling with a gob full of quarter pounders after cigarette smoking on the T1 then you’re doing something wrong


Overall Cannabinoids: 16.58%.
Overall CBD: 14.03%.
Total THC: 0.29%.
THC Compliant.
Main Terpenes.

β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene.

Grown in.

Oregon We are announcing our summer flower menu www JKdistro com:.

Cali Kush.
Purple Kush.
Bubba Kush.
Frosted Lime.
Sour Space Candy.
Hawaiian Haze.
Altum Verde.
Red Red wine.
2020 Fall Menu.

T1 Trump.
Sour space sweet.
President Jefferson.
Lifter # 2
Hawaiian Haze.
Frosted Lime.
CBG white star.
Cali Kush.
Altum Verde.
Bubba Kush.
Waterfall Berry.

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