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Timaru CBD working towards boutique feel 2
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Timaru CBD working towards shop feel

Millie Rowe is moving her business to bigger premises in the heart of Timaru's CBD.

Bejon Haswell/Stuff Millie Rowe is moving her business to bigger properties in the heart of Timaru’s CBD. There has actually been a shake-up around Timaru’s CBD with organizations moving. Timaru’s cupcake”Queen” Mille Rowe is one of those as she lines up a shift to new facilities in

Stafford St.< p class="sics-component __ html-injector sics-component __ story __ paragraph"> Rowe opened her small store, Millie Rose, in Church St opposite the Old Bank Cafe & Bar simply after the Covid-19 lockdown, selling a diverse mix of cupcakes, giftware and ladies’s clothes. The business has shown a success, a lot so that Rowe is moving

to a larger area opposite Rebel Sport in the previous Head Over Heels properties.”We have actually grown out of the kitchen, and we want more area to offer our exciting things.” FIND OUT MORE: * Timaru District Council purchases Royal Gardens Restaurant structure * Judicial Evaluation backdown makes Showgrounds Hill advancement a’done offer’

Those interesting things included her trademark brand, cupcakes. Rowe has been making them because her teens, once offering 1500 cupcakes on Valentine’s Day in Timaru.

“I offered 300 cupcakes today, and 1000 in a week. They’re fresh every day. I get up early and ice them.” Besides the cakes, Rowe sold style clothes (only New Zealand identifies with occasional Australian), along with soaps, candles, sunglasses and other gift items. The move will be made in early March and Rowe stated her hope was to have more clothing, giftware and more area for clients.

Business will likewise have a brand-new name– Millie Rose Shop.Soul Surf and Skate owner Tash Broadhead says it was time for a change.

Bejon Haswell/Stuff Soul Surf and Skate owner Tash Broadhead states it was time for a change. Soul, Browse and Skate has already taken up brand-new Stafford St premises moving from 218 to 279, the previous Max’s store opposite Rebel Sport.

“We were really successful where we were, “owner Tash Broadhead stated.< p class ="sics-component __ html-injector sics-component __ story __ paragraph">“However it was time for a modification and it has actually been extremely favored.”< p class= "sics-component __ html-injector sics-component __ story __ paragraph"> Broadhead said it was still prematurely to understand how things would go, however she was positive for the future of

Stafford St. “I believe if businesses, owners and property owners work together, Timaru can have a gorgeous boutique shopping location.” She was not dissuaded by the retail development at the

showgrounds. “It is what it is.”< p class="sics-component __ html-injector sics-component __ story __ paragraph"> South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce primary executive Wendy Smith stated when cruise ships called a few years ago a comment

was made Timaru had the very best little shopping street in New Zealand. ” It’s charming and has actually got character as shown in stores like Millie Rose which has been positive to purchase brand-new premises.

” There is rather a mix of shop stores with the larger store Farmers which is a wonderful anchor tenant, the Noel Leemings and Kathmandu.”

Concerning the Showgrounds advancement, she stated it was extremely hard to comment. “Ideally they will adhere to big box there.” On the other hand, another vape shop has opened in Stafford St, Hot Boxx Vape and Shisha Specialists, near the Shosha vape shop formerly occupied by May’s Pastry shop and tearooms.

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