Sissi | CBD Blüten von MAWU | Magu CBD | ONLINE KAUFEN 1
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By Tama66 from Pixabay Sissi|CBD Blüten von MAWU|Magu CBD|ONLINE KAUFEN

Sissi | CBD Blüten von MAWU | Magu CBD | ONLINE KAUFEN 2
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Scent: mango, tangie, pepper Cannabinoid certificates: Sissi/ Fedora

The austrian brand MAWU stands for
premium CBD hemp products,
that provide what they promise.
What is MAWU?
MAWU, these are fragile CBD flower
tops with versatile fragrances. Called after
the African goddess of life’s development,
MAWU stands for sustainability, regionality and the greatest quality.
We guarantee
All flower tops originate
from Austria and are
sold and dispersed
under reasonable terms.
As popular Austrian CBD pioneers we ensure the greatest quality requirements via:
* stringent quality assurance on cannabinoid contents, microorganisms, heavy metals (and so on)
* high-quality, regional products and basic materials (resources)
* sustainable, environmentally advantageous and recyclable product packaging
Due to the reality that paper can be quickly recycled,
our flower tops are evacuated in cardboard containers.They include resealable packaging.Eco-bags ensure stable quality.
Regionality Grown, collected and packaged in
Austria.Minimal carbon footprint due to
short-range transport. EU-Nutzhanfsorte.
EU certified industrial hemp Published at Tue, 10 Nov 2020 04:24:43 +0000

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