Scottish CBD business owner sees sales grow by 300%. 1
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Scottish CBD business owner sees sales grow by 300%

A BUSINESSWOMAN who created an unlikely friendship with Peter Howson during treatment for anorexia as a teenager has the Glasgow artist to thank, in part, for a new endeavor that could make her a millionaire.

Emma O’Neil, 30, set up La Rue Verte, the UK’s first medspa brand name range utilizing the progressively acknowledged therapeutic benefits of Cannabidiol or CBD, a non-psychoative substance discovered in the Marijuana plant.

Ms O’Neil, who is likewise an art collector, funded the start-up by selling one of Howson’s paintings for ₤ 45,000, the culmination of an enduring relationship with the artist.

She now boasts a customer list that includes Bond starlet Eva Green, her items are stocked in 70 UK drug stores and she has a medical spa partnership with the first-class hotel chain that owns Glasgow’s Kimpton Blythswood.

Online sales of her CBD products have actually soared by 300% during the pandemic, she says, generally for the high-strength concentrated cast, asked for by those experiencing sleeping issues and increased anxiety, which is generally administered with a few drops under the tongue.


< img src ="" title= "HeraldScotland: "alt =" HeraldScotland: "class= "editor-image "> The CBD market is currently worth a cool ₤ 300 million in the UK, a figure that is anticipated to more than triple in the next 5 years, helped by celebrity recommendations including golf player Tiger Woods who is said to take a couple of drops before essential games.

Ms O’Neill, who lives in Lenzie and has two young kids, was hospitalised a number of times for anorexia when she was 15, at one point dropping to around three stones and says this experience probably led her to where she is now.

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” What that (anorexia) enabled me to do was to look at self-care and what it implies to look after your own health, your mind, your body and your feelings,” she said.

An unanticipated juncture she states, was being gifted a Peter Howson painting while she was going through intensive treatment for anorexia at the Priory medical facility in Glasgow.

” I was gifted a painting by Peter Howson from a household friend called The 3rd Step that illustrates a male nearly in ruin, dragging himself approximately salvation nearly,” said Ms O’Neil.


< img src ="" title=" HeraldScotland:" alt =" HeraldScotland:" class=" editor-image" >” I’m not particularly spiritual however all the undertones of strength and courage were depicted in that and it started from there.

” I established a little bit of a relationship with Peter Howson, I used to compose to him sending him paragraphs of what I was going through. He would produce art pieces that accompanied the paragraphs and he visited me the odd time in health center..

” In order for us to start the CBD business, I needed capital. I offered Pain in the Garden which was a large 6ft by 7ft oil on canvas and illustrates a male leaning over in a spiritual position in a garden.

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” It does not have the grotesque nature that a lot of Peter Howson paintings have, it’s very tranquil.”.

CBD is thought to have an effect on the Endocannabinoid system of the body, which remains under preliminary research, however is believed to be associated with regulating physiological and cognitive processes consisting of mood, cravings, pain-sensation, memory and fertility.

Ms O’Neil discusses that the system is now consisted of in the curriculum for trainee doctors – her bro is studying medication at Glasgow University.

She set up the business Hashtag Organics around 5 years ago after studying the Canadian stock exchange and discovering that bulletins for CBD companies ‘kept turning up.’.

” It simply wasn’t a thing in the UK market at that time, or perhaps truly in Europe and it piqued my interest.” she stated.

” We understood that individuals were truly thinking about it so it had to do with making that appropriate to the UK market. We wanted to keep it far from the drug stuff, Rastafarian images. It’s science backed.


< img src=" "title=" HeraldScotland:" alt =" HeraldScotland:" class =" editor-image" >” We can’t make any medical claims however if you take a look at the science, CBD promotes the Endocannabinoid system, which regulates things like mood, fertility, sleep, discomfort and memory.

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” If you are going to take a CBD cast oil then those are the type of things you are going to see afflicted positively, if you use the right product at the best dosage.

” It’s a food supplement so we have to go in with the very best intentions and make it clear it’s not a medicine and we are not here to cure people.”.

Ms O’Neil released a partnership with the Kimpton Blythswood Hotel February to offer treatments consisting of massage including CBD products and states online sales of her items have skyrocketed.

She said: “Our online sales grew by 300% in lockdown, primarily from the cast oils. People were fighting with sleeping and stress and anxiety..

” Eva Green bought from us – it’s great to get paying clients like that when you aren’t just sending it as a promotion.”.

She now prepares to introduce another collaboration that will see treatment spaces contributed to UK pharmacies and says this recommendation is evidence of CBD’s growing trustworthiness.

She stated: “In backing CBD, it’s not simply a massive earnings booster but it’s likewise an extremely ethical approach to human care.”.



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