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Review: Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer 2
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Review: Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer


Cincinnati-based Queen City Hemp makes a line of CBD-infused seltzers that consist of full-spectrum hemp extract.

Offered in four main tastes– Blood Orange, Guava, Passion Fruit, and Lemon & & Lavender– Queen City Hemp’s main line offerings consist of just 5 mg of hemp-derived CBD and 0 calories.

The components panel is easy and straightforward: carbonated water, natural tastes, potassium sorbate and natural hemp extract.

All 4 core flavors are bubbly and have welcoming fragrances, however the hemp can leave your mouth feeling a bit dry.

  • The Blood Orange SKU is effervescent and has a pleasant citrus nose, but the actual fruit taste is rather muted and not quickly noticeable.
  • The Guava range has a sweeter smell and taste however is not rather as quaffable as the other offerings.
  • The Passion Fruit taste has a flower, perfume-like fragrance. Of the 4 SKUs, it absolutely has the most noticeable hemp bitterness.
  • Lemon & & Lavender is possibly the most revitalizing offering in Queen City Hemp’s core lineup. It has a strong lemonade-like nose and subtle organic quality that makes this drink the most total of all the SKUs. A 5th, limited-edition lime flavor called”The Lazarus”functions 12 mg of CBD and has a practically Gatorade-like fragrance and taste. All five products we tested were satisfying. Nevertheless, we feel as if they do not do

enough to really differ from other CBD drinks on the marketplace. As the hemp-infused drinks area continues to evolve, we see CBD as a complimentary component that will work along with other practical additives and provide consumers a well-rounded product. In our view, depending on CBD as the only selling feature will become increasingly hard gradually, especially as other drink makers innovate products which contain other practical active ingredients at much better rate points. In addition, a product instilled with such a very little dose of CBD (just 5 mg )seems like it might get stuck on the chopping block when drink

purchasers examine their seasonal sets. We ‘d recommend upping the dosage, perhaps to 10 mg or 15 mg. From a product packaging viewpoint, Queen City Hemp’s branding and labeling needs some work. While the differing color design assist separate each SKU, the stock images of the numerous fruits on the front of the cans inadvertently tells the consumer the product is still a work in progress. We ‘d also like to a more visible callout of”absolutely no calories “and “absolutely no sugar” and less emphasis on “CBD “on the front of the label. Our last idea would be to rethink using the phrase “all natural energy.”The majority of customers associate energy with caffeine, and the brand should attempt to prevent confusion at all costs. In General, Queen City Hemp has a great deal of positives to build on. While none of the tastes were extremely remarkable, there’s plenty of chance to improve the product and the brand name before the CBD beverages space really explodes.

Tweaking the solution, upgrading the branding, and improving interaction on the label will go a long method to helping Queen City Hemp stand out from rivals. Released at Mon, 16 Nov 2020 21:12:00 +0000

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