MyJane Collaborates with Hedger Humor to Bring Wellness and Laughter to Holiday 2020 with ... 1
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< a href="" > MyJane Collaborates with Hedger Humor to Bring Health and Laughter to Holiday 2020 with …

MyJane Collaborates with Hedger Humor to Bring Wellness and Laughter to Holiday 2020 with ... 2

< img itemprop=" image" class=" qa-news-image" src ="" width=" 250" height =" 200" alt > The SheSurvival Box -Hedger Humor Scandal sheet is readily available from for$ 59. The ready-to-give box features an ornamental gift tag adorned with a Hedger Humor animation creation

.< blockquote class=" blockquote blockquote-- lg quote-lines qa-news-quote" > The SheSurvival Box by MyJane- Hedger Humor Edition makes the ideal vacation gift for any lady worried out by what life tosses at her and yearning for a good laugh, a long nap and a wellness break. IRVINE

MyJane has collaborated with Hedger Humor to give ladies who do it all a curated CBD health experience in a box, served with a healthy dosage of comedic relief. This SheSurvival Box by MyJane – Hedger Humor Edition makes the perfect vacation present for any lady stressed out by what life throws at her and yearning for a good laugh, a long nap and a health break.

” It’s no joking matter that 2020 has upended life as we understood it,” Hedger stated, reviewing how a pandemic changed the 47-year-old business owner into a multitasking, homeschool-teaching, Netflix-binging, weary-eyed woman too tired for self-care. “This cooperation with MyJane brings together the health advantages of laughter with the wellness advantages of CBD. It’s the best antidote to 2020.”

Hedger is the award-winning cartoonist behind the popular online comic “Hedger Humor.” Her work has been included on BuzzFeed, Disney, HuffPo, Today, Yahoo!, Upworthy and other popular media outlets. Several of Hedger’s animations have actually ended up being viral experiences, reaching 10s of countless individuals worldwide with her fresh take on motherhood, marriage, career and growing older. Before releasing Hedger Humor, she was the lead cartoonist for Nickelodeon’s website for parents. Hedger, a California native, also highlighted and co-authored three humor books about parenting, published by Andrews McMeel.

MyJane’s method to health, combined with Hedger’s slice-of-life comics, is a winning mix, according to MyJane President Hélène Blanchette:

” Adrienne is the comedic writer for a generation of ladies, and we’re honored that she’s selected to present her neighborhood of mamas to MyJane and CBD wellness for ladies. She has conceived an original animation series, which is included in the box, to stabilize the relaxing advantages of plant-based wellness through her comedic lens.”

CBD, brief for cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It’s celebrated as an option for changing the stress factors, hostilities and aches of life with a clearer mind, calmer body and refreshed mindset. The special-edition collection functions tried, checked and approved indulging hemp-derived items, including a MyJane Raspberry Champagne nano-CBD lip balm, Mantra Mask Hemp CBD Repair Mask, Kush Queen Relax Bath Bomb and Important Leaf CBD Relief Capsules.

The SheSurvival Box – Hedger Humor Edition also includes a MyJane-branded sleep mask, gold votive holder with a vanilla-scented candle, a series of humoristic cards, and a door wall mount (” Keep Out– Woman in Serious Healing Mode”); a Cannafloria Fundamentals Be Calm Hemp Inhalation Pouch and a Function brass bracelet handcrafted by a female survivor of human trafficking. MyJane donates a part of the sale of every box collection to International Sanctuary, a not-for-profit empowering young females and ladies leaving human trafficking to accept their true identity and worth.

What sets apart the SheSurvival Box – Hedger Humor Edition from other CBD boxed experiences is the cooperation with Hedger Humor, which reinforces the importance of laughter in any wellness regimen. Hedger Humor developed a comic special to MyJane that attends to modern-day life, tension and approval that is readily available just in this boxed collection.

The SheSurvival Box – Hedger Humor Special Edition is offered from for $59. The ready-to-give box includes a decorative gift tag adorned with a Hedger Humor cartoon creation.

About MyJane

Developed by ladies for ladies, MyJane is a hemp wellness neighborhood created to empower females to feel– and live better. Its objective is to normalize the CBD experience for women by using the first premium, curated CBD experience in a box, customized to fulfill ladies’s private needs and resolve their most-cited wellness concerns. MyJane, a ManifestSeven retail subsidiary, is headquartered in Irvine, California. Find out more at

About Hedger Humor

Hedger Humor animations highlight the outrageous, remarkable and daily scenarios that make life interesting and fun. Developed by Orange County, California-based cartoonist and humorist Adrienne Hedger, Hedger Humor has actually been featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Upworthy,, Yahoo!, Disney, Nickelodeon, and other popular media outlets. Hedger Humor cartoons have actually ended up being viral sensations, reaching tens of countless people worldwide. Discover more at

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