Most current Canadian marijuana recalls include melting vape pens, musty bud 1

Most current Canadian marijuana recalls include melting vape pens, musty bud 2

By NickyPe from Pixabay Latest Canadian marijuana remembers include melting vape pens, moldy bud

Most current Canadian marijuana recalls include melting vape pens, musty bud 3

Canadian cannabis items recalled in January include faulty all-in-one vape pens from Hexo Corp. along with musty marijuana from Saskatchewan processor AgroGreens Natural Products and mislabeled bud from Manitoba’s Delta 9 Bio-Tech.

Hexo’s recall, announced Jan. 12 by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) online merchant, affected three types of non reusable vape pens.

Hexo informed Marijuana Organization Daily the vapes were sold in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan as well as to medical marijuana clients.

The producer attributed the recall to “a mechanical hardware problem, in which prolonged auto-ignition might cause excess heat in the battery cell, which in turn might cause melting of the plastic shell.”

“As an immediate restorative action, Hexo has actually implemented improved third-party hardware approval criteria consisting of making use of an independent third-party recognized laboratory to examine all gadgets under consideration,” Shannon McCoy, Hexo vice president of quality, wrote in a declaration emailed to MJBizDaily.

“Hexo expects the financial impact of the voluntary recall to be very little, and well within the normal course of business,” McCoy included, without defining the specific variety of recalled vape pens.

The Agro-Greens recall, released Jan. 7 by Health Canada, impacted 752 systems of North 40 Black Cherry Punch marijuana bud offered to medical marijuana customers via mail and by leisure cannabis sellers in Saskatchewan.

“The impacted product might include mold,” Health Canada stated in its recall notice, including that Agro-Greens had received four problems about the lot and one report of an unfavorable reaction.

Grower North 40 Cannabis flagged the mold issue to the general public in a Dec. 27 tweet.

“All environmental conditions were on point throughout the drying and treating,” North 40 kept in mind in its tweet. “It appears like a very isolated event.”

The moldy bud was at first determined in a late December post on the Reddit message board, stated David Purcell, primary earnings officer at Shelter Marijuana, which remains in the procedure of getting Agro-Greens.

Purcell stated Agro-Greens is investigating the mold issue and is waiting for last test results that will supply more details.

“We wish to be proactive, since we desire to provide the finest possible services and product to our clients that we potentially can,” Purcell stated.

Mold recalls have actually been reasonably unusual, but not unheard-of, in Canada’s regulated marijuana market.

Another recall provided Jan. 8 involved 600 units of cannabis bud with incorrect THC and CBD values.

The 3.5-gram plans of Oceanic Ocean breeze Marijuana, grown by Delta 9 Bio-Tech of Manitoba and cost stores in Newfoundland and Labrador, had “inaccurate cannabinoid values, where the labelled total THC and overall CBD are higher than the real worths,” stated Health Canada’s recall notice.

Incorrect cannabinoid labeling has actually caused the bulk of cannabis recalls in Canada since recreational legalization in 2018.

In the previous year, labeling-related recalls have affected products such as flower from Aurora Cannabis subsidiary MedReleaf, pre-rolls from Sundial Growers, drinks from AgMedica Bioscience and ingestible cannabis oil from Trip Marijuana.

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