Monday Early Morning Viewpoints: Clarksville goes over decriminalization of marijuana 1

Monday Early Morning Viewpoints: Clarksville goes over decriminalization of marijuana 2
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Monday Early Morning Opinions: Clarksville talks about decriminalization of cannabis

Monday Early Morning Viewpoints: Clarksville goes over decriminalization of marijuana 3

Is it time for Tennessee to approve the usage of medical marijuana — even legalize leisure usage?

The legalization or decriminalization of marijuana has belonged of more than a lots pieces of legislation this year in Tennessee. So we decided to ask Clarksville homeowners about polarizing topic.Some locals do not support modifications in the existing law unless the federal government reclassifies marijuana. Others are prepared to change — with or without the support of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Take a look at some the opinions listed below.

Carmen List”Legislate it. I saw how it helped my daddy, who suffered and passed from phase 4 cancer. He could not get his medications from the health center due to the fact that they ruined. He went through withdrawals since they were too hectic to get their act together, and send them on time. That’s something that happens more than they like to admit. Stop putting manufactured medications in your body. They have awful adverse effects, and unpleasant withdrawal signs. Do your homework; it’s 2021. Times have changed.”

Travis Rupe”Prohibition is dumb. It serves no function but to use more tax cash on jail time.”< media-image image-set=" bestCrop,,843,x0,y736 4:3,,1499,x0,y302 3:4,,633,x0,y842 16:9"

image-alt=”Zoe Cothran”credit=”Tony Centonze/ Special to The Leaf-Chronicle “caption=” Zoe Cothran “orientation= “vertical” class =”spacer-large” util-module-path =”elements/media”> Zoe Cothran”Yes! Smoking cigarettes helped me get off tablets, and wasn’t nearly as mind-numbing as the medications I was on. ” Faith Goldstein “As a nurse, I have actually seen clients in discomfort who were not assisted by pain meds. Individuals might say,’But you were a neonatal nurse.’

Well, I wasn’t constantly. Not only did I work med-surge,

I had and have buddies who suffer with constant pain. CBD oil assists to some degree, however I have actually been told by ‘cigarette smokers’that it is incredibly helpful in relieving their pain. Therefore, I wish to go on the record as supporting the legalization of medical cannabis.”< cta-atoms-container-inline util-module-path ="elements/cta"class="spacer-large"> Michael Shanahan”The federal listing likely won’t alter, due to the deep pockets of Big Pharma. If weed is legalized for both medical and recreational use, Big Pharma becomes far less lucrative, which is why so many lobbyists remain in D.C. on Big Pharma’s behalf.”

Dwayne Miller”I’ve never ever attempted it, however I’m not versus others utilizing it, if they select. If it’s actually that great, medically, then by all suggests let’s legalize it. A minimum of it’s natural. We definitely don’t be reluctant to utilize lab chemicals.”

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