Mexican legislators authorize legal marijuana (Newsletter: March 11, 2021). 1

Mexican legislators authorize legal marijuana (Newsletter: March 11, 2021). 2
By v-3-5-N-a from Pixabay

Mexican lawmakers authorize legal marijuana (Newsletter: March 11, 2021)

Vets ask Congress for cannabis & & psychedelics access; Hi There gov’s legalization “concerns”; WV gov on taxing cannabis; Spokane psilocybin decrim

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Don’t lose out– join us at!.?.!/ TOP THINGS TO KNOW Military veterans organizations told Congress
at hearings today that they want

the Department of Veterans Affairs to supply access to not just medical marijuana but also psychedelics like psilocybin, ayahuasca, LSD and MDMA. Lawmakers stated they’re enthusiastic about at least broadening cannabis research.Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D)stated he has”issues”about a marijuana legalization expense that’s headed to the state Senate flooring. The marijuana opposition is uncommon

for a Democratic guv in 2021, with those in numerous other states enthusiastically championing reform.West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice( R)responded to a citizen’s proposal to “legalize cannabis and tax the absolute crap out of it” by stating he would support the reform if GOP legislators put it on his desk.

“It appears like the whole nation is going to wind up moving that method. “Ahead of a joint committee vote set for Monday, Mexican legislators are flowing a newly changed marijuana legalization costs. The step is expected to

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