Marijuana cosmetics and food items are coming 1

Marijuana cosmetics and food items are coming 2
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Marijuana cosmetics and food products are coming

Marijuana cosmetics and food items are coming 3

Tommy Chong is a well-known face all over the world for more than one factor. He is a star, writer, director, artist, comic, and a lot of plainly a really popular cannabis advocate. His legalization efforts have continued for a good part of his life and were revealed intently through his music, films, and other innovative works.

Starring alongside Richard Cheech in the Grammy Acclaimed comedy flick ‘Cheech & & Chong’, Tommy Chang has actually been rather singing about his love for cannabis. His stand-up shows with Richard Chee were quite impactful during their time, speaking volumes about their assistance for the cannabis movement. They were so successful that many of their shows were sold out in the 1970s– a time when the ‘war on drugs’ was at its peak in the entire world.

What Does Tommy Chong Believe About Cannabis Criminalization?

Coming from immigrant families himself, Chong sternly thinks that the war on drugs has its roots in xenophobia.

According to him, “Marijuana prohibition has been a racial law right from the start. It followed the course of the Chinese opium law. Britain in fact nearly messed up China with the opium trade therefore America, when they desired to demonize a race of people, they would forbid their practices– that’s what prohibition was everything about. Restriction was simply generally a racist law.”

If we are to weigh his words and match them with reality, disagreeing with him would be tough. Here’s why:

Up till the early 1800s, there were no federal constraints on the use, retail, or ownership of cannabis in the U.S. Hemp fiber stemmed from it was used to make items like clothing, paper, and rope. In addition to this, medicinal use of the drug was likewise really typical. It may sound paradoxical, however at the time of its prohibition, tinctures including marijuana traces existed in most likely every medicinal cabinet in the United States. It was utilized to treat different diseases like malaria, stomach pains and even ‘absentmindedness’.

Why then was marijuana criminalized and prohibited?

Simply as Tommy Chong mentioned, cannabis was prohibited in an effort to break down and ‘demonize’ Mexican immigrants.

The early 1900s was a time when countless Mexican immigrants began looking for refuge in the United States. While smoking cigarettes cannabis recreationally was not extremely common in the U.S, Mexican immigrants were rather fond of this practice.

This was seen as an excellent opportunity to impart ‘reefer madness’ among individuals. Political leaders were quick to replace the term ‘cannabis’ with ‘marihuana’ to make it sound more authentically Mexican in order to develop more bias. It worked of course. Newspapers were soon identifying Mexican marijuana usage as a ‘marijuana menace’. In the words of Harry J. Anslinger, first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, cannabis triggered “madness, criminality, and death”.

Here is a quote from a New york city Times story from 1927:

“A widow and her four children have actually been driven insane by consuming the Marihuana plant, according to medical professionals, who say that there is no hope of conserving the kids’s lives which the mom will be insane for the rest of her life,”

Going Back to the Future With Cannabis

With the increasing recognition of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and its derivatives, laws surrounding it are gradually unwinding. The racism that has actually long haunted the drug is also disappearing slowly.

Tommy Chong compares this with the phenomena of returning to the future. He says that with more acceptance of the drug, society is returning to the beginning days. It is going back to days where there was no stigma connected to the drug.

According to him, among the significant obstacles now faced by the market is its federal prohibition. Services are unable to acquire finances for the worry of being prosecuted. This has actually caused a huge part of the industry operating on cash transactions creating problems for them in addition to regulators. Depending upon cash suggests that cannabis dispensaries are at the leading edge of robberies and break-ins when civil discontent develops.

Marijuana is equally helpful for the mind and body

Chong is a company follower in the healing advantages of cannabis. He has made a mention of its spiritual sacrament and its relaxing effect on the body and mind.

“A lot of sports individuals that I have actually understood are big cannabis supporters since it does not tear you down like alcohol does or make you crazy or addicted like cocaine and heroin. So, marijuana is really the perfect things for everything including medication.”

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