London-Listed Kanabo Is Bringing Vape Tech to Israeli and European Marijuana Markets 1
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London-Listed Kanabo Is Bringing Vape Tech to Israeli and European Marijuana Markets

London-Listed Kanabo Is Bringing Vape Tech to Israeli and European Marijuana Markets 2

< img class =" wp-image-75022 aligncenter" src="" alt width =" 340" height=" 251" data-wp-pid=" 75022 "srcset=" 891w, 300w, 768w,×444.jpg 600w,×298.jpg 403w,×315.jpg 426w” sizes =” (max-width: 340px) 100vw, 340px” > Special Interview with Kanabo Creator, CEO and Executive Director Avihu Tamir Vaporization is a common delivery method for leisure cannabis in the North American market, but medical cannabis customers in the Israeli and European markets are limited to flower and tinctures, according to Kanabo Founder, CEO and Executive Director Avihu Tamir. Tamir released Kanabo (LSE: KNB) to bring vaporization to the medical marijuana market. He spoke with New Marijuana Ventures about his company’s R&D work, listing on the London Stock Exchange and ramping up to create earnings. The audio of the whole discussion is offered at the end of this composed summary.

The Kanabo Team

Israel established among the first federal medical marijuana programs in the late 1990s. In 2012, Tamir ended up being a medical marijuana patient after his medical professional advised it as a method to manage his migraines. As a patient, Tamir had to learn how to roll joints. He previously wasn’t a smoker and started to consider various methods to take in the plant.

Tamir first constructed a flower vaporizer distribution company in Israel. Next, he turned his eye to extracts and medical vaporization.

Kanabo is supported by a strong board and group of advisors. Tamir highlighted board members David Tsur and Uziel Danino. Tsur led a biopharmaceutical business in Israel, and Danino served as CEO of a big investment bank. Advisors with hands-on cannabis and research study experience, like Nachshon Knoller, MD, and Doron Friedman, PhD, also contribute to the strength of the company’s group.

Operations in Israel and the UK

The business has operations in Israel and the UK. In Israel, it has a research lab in the Weizmann Science Park. Here, the company does most of its preclinical development. Kanabo is eventually preparing to hold scientific trials with healthcare facilities in Israel and the UK.

Kanabo’s sales and marketing groups are based in the UK, positioned to help the company reach European markets. The UK is likewise the main hub for the business’s CBD products.

Market Reach

Initially, Kanabo was a sort of pilot task developed around the company’s CBD products. Now, it has announced a production partner for its THC line of product, and the business is moving toward income generation. Its initial target audience are the UK and Germany. The business will likewise be taking a look at the Israel market later on this year.

London-Listed Kanabo Is Bringing Vape Tech to Israeli and European Marijuana Markets 3
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,×298.jpg 536w,×315.jpg 566w” sizes=”( max-width: 730px )100vw, 730px” > Kanabo Is Bringing Vaporization to the Medical Cannabis Market Kanabo will be carefully viewing how marijuana regulations evolve as it considers future expansion prospects. Markets like Poland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland will likely be of interest. France, not yet an established market, also has potential, according to Tamir.

The U.S. will not be of interest till federal legalization takes place. Tamir views that market as a possible target in the mid to long-term.

Organic development is presently driving Kanabo’s strategy, however the business can not ignore the M&A course, according to Tamir. If M&A presents a chance to expand circulation channels or innovation that would fit with the business’s design, the Kanabo group would be interested.

R&D Vaporization is core to

the Kanabo technique, though it is likewise considering other delivery techniques. Today, it is establishing formulations for 3 primary indicators: discomfort management, sleep and PTSD. The company is dealing with different formula variations for discomfort management. In the sleep classification, it has a patent-pending solution that utilizes minor cannabinoids. The company is dealing with physicians who treat PTSD patients to create a formula particular to that sign. Listing on the LSE Kanabo has attracted financiers consisting of high-net-worth individuals,family workplaces and Entourage Result

Capital. A number of UK public companies have also purchased Kanabo. To date, the business has raised around$ 12 to$ 13 million. This year, the company listed on the London Stock Market, a clear choice for the company’s European focus.

Kanabo wished to be a trendsetter in this regard, aiming to be the first medical cannabis company on the LSE. Financiers have actually accepted the business with interest, a benefit of being first, according to Tamir. The LSE is among the top stock exchanges on the planet and offers the business the capacity to raise extra money, according to Tamir. If the company does require more financing, it will look to the public markets. Right now, the funds at the business’s disposal are being used to build circulation channels, along with the marketing and sales groups in Europe. The business is likewise allocating capital to product development. The Vaporization Chance In the United States, vapes and cartridges make up roughly 30 percent of all cannabis products, according to Tamir. Utilizing that market as an analogue, Kanabo will have the ability to pursue a big portion of the addressable market in the growing European cannabis industry. Additionally, European markets have high barriers to entry for vaporization business, requiring a CE-certified medical gadget and EU GMP production. Kanabo intends to have a first-mover benefit.< img class=" wp-image-75040 size-large" src="" alt width=" 1024" height=" 811" data-wp-pid=" 75040" srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w, 600w, 376w, 398w" sizes="( max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" > The VapePod vaporizer As the company scales, the Kanabo team keeps an eye on metrics like expense and speed of production. It deals with contract manufacturers and has a robust quality control process across its supply chain. Metrics around sales, profits and circulation are likewise vital to managing development. While regulatory unpredictability stays a challenge, Kanabo is placing itself for success in the conservative medical cannabis markets of Europe and beyond. For more information, check out the Kanabo site. Listen to the entire interview:< img class=" alignleft alignsmall size-full wp-image-48929"

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