Large reward used in hemp theft 1

Large reward used in hemp theft 2

By GDJ from Pixabay Significant reward provided in hemp theft


[email protected]!.?.! CHRISTIANSBURG– After burglars swiped sufficient hemp over the previous week to result in a six-figure loss, a Christiansburg manufacturer chose it was time to offer up a reward. John Straw, supervisor of Tru Harvest Farms in Christiansburg, said the company is using a$50,000 reward to anybody who can provide info resulting in the conviction of the person or individuals who swiped over 100 pounds of one range of hemp flowers. Straw said the service was first hit around Monday, Jan. 11, and again early this previous Monday. He feels sure the offenders in both thefts are the same due to the fact that their approach of making entry to the structure, the item stolen, and other proof in the thefts are similar. He thinks several suspects may be involved, but just one person entered the building each time. In both circumstances the suspect forced entry through the back entrance to the business and

then numerous other doors to reach the types of hemp flower that was stolen. In the very first theft, they stole 60 pounds of one particular variety of hemp flowers and in the second instance they swiped the remaining 50 pounds of that same variety

. The variety stolen is legal to smoke in Virginia, simply like there are other varieties and kinds of CBD(cannabidiol )hemp that are lawfully readily available. The product is frequently used medicinally and does not get one high

like THC(tetrahydrocannabinol )in marijuana.”We had about 10 different kinds in there, but they cleaned us out on that range,”he said. The suspect may not have initially understood there is no high produced from the item, however, Straw stated, they certainly need to have realized it by the time the second burglary occurred if they were utilizing it. The worth of the missing out on item is in excess of $200,000, according to Straw. When the business very first opened in the spring of 2019, it experienced some problems with people stealing hemp from its fields, but there had actually been no other thefts till recently. This is the first time the building

has been broken into. The item in storage, including what was taken, was grown last season. Anybody having information on the robberies need to call Montgomery County Constable’s Workplace at 540-382-4343 or Straw at 276-698-0660. Callers can stay confidential. Written by: Editor on January 20, 2021.

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