Hamilton City Council approves vaping restriction after plea from principals 1

Hamilton City Council approves vaping restriction after plea from principals 2
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Hamilton City board authorizes vaping restriction after plea from principals

Hamilton City Council has carried out a U-turn on its Smokefree policy to now include vaping, following in the footsteps of Matamata-Piako District Council which has actually banned vaping on the Hauraki Rail Path, as well as on council residential or commercial property.

Twelve months ago Hamilton City Council did not consist of vaping as part of its smokefree policy with most of councillors asking for more information to be brought back to the brand-new council and for them to make a decision on vaping in public areas.

This time the council unanimously supported a vaping restriction, after hearing that vaping is triggering kids to smoke.

Nevertheless, within an hour of the restriction being authorized by the council committee, a Kiwi vaping business has slammed the council’s relocation.


“For the previous 18 months Hamilton has been set up in lights as a progressive and smart city when it came to securing its neighborhood from the threats of tobacco all while allowing ex-smokers to publicly utilize a significantly less hazardous option without being stigmatised,” said owner of Vapo and Alt New Zealand Jonathan Devery.

“Unfortunately, that progress is now all in the rubbish bin. The Hamilton City Council’s most current amends to its Smokefree Outdoor Locations Policy was supposedly due to the fact that of ‘brand-new info’ emerging. However, it didn’t offer anything significant, let alone brand-new.”

Mr Devery stated regardless of what the Waikato DHB and Cancer Society may have presented to councillors in June, including the council report’s claim that ‘damage caused from second-hand vaping can not be dismissed’, Public Health England has unconditionally concluded ‘to date, there have actually been no recognized health risks of passive vaping to the health of spectators’.

“What’s more, Auckland University scientists reported earlier this year that there is no youth vaping epidemic among our mid-teenagers. It seems that Hamilton City councillors have also totally neglected the truth that vaping is the most reliable smoking cessation tool in New Zealand’s history, for this reason why our smoking rates are at record low levels.”

International evidence proves vaping is at least 95 per cent less damaging than cigarettes and is almost twice as efficient for those desiring to quit smoking cigarettes than nicotine-replacement items.

“While smoking-related diseases eliminate 5000 Kiwis every year, there have been no reported deaths associated to vaping, let alone hospitalisations, in New Zealand. Nevertheless, Hamilton, in its knowledge, is now dealing with fatal smoking cigarettes and our lead smoking cigarettes cessation tool precisely the same. It makes no sense whatsoever. I believe it’s probably because they kind of look the very same, however in reality, they’re polar opposite.”

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Those views were not shared by the Hamilton City Councillors, who did not keep back in their argument saying that vaping at schools and health issues were their main factor for banning the product in smoke free areas.

Councillor Ryan Hamilton, who was in support of prohibiting vaping in 2015, stated that schools were pleading for more aid when it boiled down to trainees vaping.


“The St Pauls headmaster that said unfortunately while vaping might have been packaged as a life conserving panacea for adult cigarette smokers, for schools it is just the most recent in the long line of diversions for trainees and their education,” Hamilton stated.

“This is a signal to our neighborhood in terms of social and culture aspects we do not motivate this behaviour and what was lobbied as a smoking cigarettes experience tool has actually simply become even more seducements to gateway cigarette smoking.”

Councillor Ewan Wilson stated the vape ban prevailed sense.

“There is a great deal of clear evidence that simply the procedure of vaping can trigger irreversible lung damage and youths and all age people in the United States and Europe it is now medically clear that the act of vaping can kill in some clients,” Wilson stated.

Hamilton City Council approves vaping restriction after plea from principals 3 Owner of Vapo and Alt New Zealand Jonathan Devery. Photo / Supplied

Owner of Vapo and Alt New Zealand Jonathan Devery. Photo/ Provided” Vaping itself is incredibly hazardous and just simply the act, begin Googling the damage it causes to the lungs.”

Councillor Sarah Thomson said vaping had avoided council in terms of guideline.


“It has actually come extremely accessible for our youth and I am worried to hear that it is not only becoming normalised and seen as cool but also leading to more smoking rates in amongst our youth,” Thomson stated.

“I would also be eager to have a further conversation to how we can extend this policy to more locations in our CBD.”

Councillor Maxine van Oosten stated it was clear that a case is being developed to argue that vaping is simply as damaging as smoking cigarettes.

“There are addicting substances which are included in those fantastic flavours which’s why the nicotine is in there, to hook individuals,” Van Oosten said.

“It is ending up being very clear to me that vaping is risky and it is extremely important for us to see who is benefiting the most from this. I likewise hold a view that we can not villainise the addicts of the tobacco and nicotine and when we have them in our work environments that there needs to be reliable option for them to do that in a safe way.”

Councillor Kesh Naidoo-Rauf stated up until vaping items were regulated the Smokefree policy did require to consist of vaping.


Councillor Mark Bunting said that council was trying to accomplish the wellbeing of their residents.

“I have actually been swayed over the line when we were told that vaping is making kids smoke,” Bunting stated.

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