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You want a “refillable” or “open” “pod”: that is the very best device you can utilize for CBD.I do not know what you have looked at. You are perhaps familiar with the Juul brand: it is a closed pod system. I discuss it due to the fact that the device and battery charger are inexpensive (like$10): then you can get the OVNS open pods(a third celebration product that fits). Or, what might be more tough to discover now, however much better alternative, is the Uwell”Caliburn”or” Koko”(2 really well gotten items). Considering that this sub is for the discussion of nicotine and ecigarettes, you can go speak to the nice people over in r/CBD about CBD vape liquid(try to find items with PG and VG and nothing with oil ). Released at Mon, 14 Sep 2020 19:58:46 +0000

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