Eighty Eight Strain Blue Ridge Selects Flower (New) 1

Eighty Eight Strain Blue Ridge Selects Flower (New) 2
By Nennieinszweidrei from Pixabay

Eighty 8 Pressure Blue Ridge Picks Flower (New)

Eighty Eight Strain Blue Ridge Selects Flower (New) 3

Bred from United States land race genes, this pressure starts with the sweet taste and aroma of completely ripe papaya with levels of slightly spicey guava musk and a chocolatey finish on the exhale.

A real resin manufacturer, this pressure leaves your finger and bowl sticky after breaking down and smoking cigarettes.

A creative frame of mind that drifts into a relaxing sleep, as if gratifying you for a task well done, is often reported after consuming this pressure. A great stress for that late night job before bed that won’t keep you up all night long later on and leaves you well rested the next early morning.

9.23% CBD

Feel: Creative

Greenhouse Grown

Hemp Flower includes less than.3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive

For Adult Use Just

All Blue Ridge Selects are sealed in kid resistant product packaging, 3rd party checked by Cannalysis, verified Genuine by Cannverify, and Traced from the source with Flourish Software. Scan the Cannverify seal for lab results and authentication before enjoying your flower.

Published at Sun, 25 Oct 2020 04:41:51 +0000

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