E1011 Labs Pioneers the Future of Hemp Flower Intake 1

E1011 Labs Pioneers the Future of Hemp Flower Intake 2
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E1011 Labs Pioneers the Future of Hemp Flower Consumption

E1011 Labs Pioneers the Future of Hemp Flower Intake 3

Los Angeles, January, 2020– E1011 Labs, a California-based startup, reveals its launch of elon ™, an advanced, low-temperature heating gadget and stem ™, premium hemp flower cartridges intended to be utilized with elon. On a mission to provide simple, budget friendly, and practical access to cannabinoid health, E1011 Labs leverages ingenious technology and attentively crafted solutions. By braiding ancient holistic customs with modern innovations, they are at the leading edge of revolutionizing the future of hemp-based wellness.

Beginning with the concept that lung administration was frequently utilized in ancient medical practice to rapidly and effectively deliver advantageous compounds to the body, E1011 Labs makes every effort to take it an action even more and get rid of the unnecessary by-products connected with flammable combustion (i.e. tar and pyrolytic contaminants). The goal was easy, raise the out-of-date yet reliable shipment system of the past. This caused 5 years of intensive research study, advancement and ultimately the production of their cutting edge, low temperature, concentric heating system, elon.

The elon provides the greatest bioavailibility and biodelivery of cannabinoids in comparison to other consumption approaches such as edible, topical, or sublingual. Active components are given the blood stream at a quicker rate and effects can be felt within minutes rather than hours. Precision heating technology? transforms cannabinoid delivery while removing direct exposure to pyrolytic contaminants. By carefully heating up the flower to an ideal temperature level for plant substance activation, elon offers a combustion-free experience that is all set to enjoy in under 10 seconds. Additionally, elon features self-cleaning and fast-charging functions. The elon is programmed to recognize when self-cleaning is needed and starts the procedure while charging. Remaining particles within its heating chamber is gotten rid of as it prepares itself for future sessions. The elon’s lightening-c charging port enables a complete charge within an hour– ideal for the fast-paced lifestyles led by numerous.

The streamlined, button-free, fast-charging, self-cleaning, pocket-sized device made with aerospace products required a cartridge system similarly as fine-tuned. E1011 Labs’ response was stem ™, premium sun-grown, lab-tested hemp flower in a planet-friendly paper cartridge, to match the innovative caliber of elon. With strenuous lab-testing procedures and stringent quality control, stem warranty regularly tidy and pure ingredients. Every pack of stem has a QR code resulting in the matching Certificate of Analysis for easy gain access to by the consumer and complete openness. E1011 Labs addresses consumers’ need for CBD with its 2 exclusive items, stem Uplift ™ and stem Relax ™. Stem Uplift, for a mid-day choice me up or stem Relax for a night wind down, the dynamic duo is best for any and every self-care occasion.

E1011 Labs’ direct-to-consumer platform allows consumers to acquire the elon and stem either as standalone items or within their elon Starter Set that includes the elon device, stem Uplift, stem Relax, and a type-c USB charger. These items are designed to be easy adequate for the newbie customer yet advanced enough for the daily lover. The pocket-friendly size of elon and the plug-and-play nature of stems are created for portability and on-the-go convenience.

E1011 Labs enters 2021 fired up and optimistic for their upcoming developments. Register for their newsletter at www.e1011labs.com to be in the understand about the most recent launches and product line developments.

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