BioMedican Discovers New Class of Cannabinoids; Sesqui CBG 1

BioMedican Discovers New Class of Cannabinoids; Sesqui CBG 2
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BioMedican Discovers New Class of Cannabinoids; Sesqui CBG

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10, 2020/ PRNewswire/– BioMedican has found a patent-pending process to biosynthesize a brand-new class of rare Cannabinoids called Sesqui-Cannabinoids. In this class of unusual Cannabinoids, there is just one paper that describes the homes of Sesqui-CBG in 2011, however there are a number of articles that keep in mind the presence of Sesqui-CBGA and even Sesqui-CBDA in plants, but only in the list of identified compounds (no properties described). The company filed a patent last month, and BioMedican can now produce Sesqui-CBG. In the next six months, the business anticipates to be able to produce Sesqui-CBD, Sesqui-CBN, Sesqui-THCV, Sesqui-THCA.

Maxim Mikheev, CEO: “This is a considerable brand-new discovery. We are the only business in the world who has actually found out how to produce these Sesqui-Cannabinoids and submitted a patent on them. This has the potential to be the next generation of highly active uncommon Cannabinoids. All our Sesqui-Cannabinoids will have a considerable quantity of the attributes that are discovered in CBD, CBG, THCV and THCA but will also have some different qualities that could possibly make them considerably much better.”

Dennis O’Neill: “We are extremely thrilled about this discovery of a new class of Cannabinoids and patenting them. Which makes BioMedican a true leader in this market. This has the possible to replace all uncommon Cannabinoids with a substance that works substantially better than just CBD, CBG, THCV or THCA. We will be performing research to discover the additional health benefits of this new class of Cannabinoids. We hope with this brand-new discovery that we will assist millions of people suffering with numerous health concerns improve treatment at affordable prices”

It is incredibly intriguing how we came about discovering this new class of Cannabinoids. We ran tests on all the significant competitor’s technology and discovered that the technology was not just extremely ineffective however was producing a by-product that we discovered to be Sesqui Cannabinoids. When we knew we had a brand-new class of Cannabinoids, we established tests to reveal that we could biosynthesize this brand-new class of Cannabinoids and instantly submitted patents.

“The business is actively trying to find research study partners to help investigate the overall advantages of the Sesqui-Cannabinoids. The business remains in conversations with numerous universities, and there seems to be a substantial quantity of interest relating to being a real pioneer within the Scientific Cannabis Rehabs sector of the market. Anytime you make a genuinely new discovery it breaks down walls and produces an energy of limitless possibilities.” – Maxim Mikheev, CEO.

As the Cannabinoid markets continue to establish, there will be increasingly more of these brand-new classes of Cannabinoids found, and BioMedican plans to be the leader in these discoveries. BioMedican’s world-class clinical group has actually continued to innovate in these markets, beginning with biosynthesizing CBG/CBGA, THCV/THCVA and now Sesqui Cannabinoids, lowering production costs 70-90% and producing 99% pharmaceutical grade substances with 0.0%THC. BioMedican’s vision is to offer the first-rate items for the least expense to make the considerable Cannabinoid health benefits budget friendly to as lots of people as possible.

This news release may consist of positive declarations consisting of viewpoints, presumptions, price quotes and the Business’s evaluation of future plans and operations, and, more particularly, statements worrying: BioMedican’s modified turning point projections, including the timing and amount of advancement scale-up

Any financial outlook and future-oriented financial information included in this file regarding prospective financial performance, financial position or capital is based on presumptions about future events, including economic conditions and proposed strategies based upon management’s assessment of the pertinent info that is currently available. Forecasted operational details includes positive info and is based on a variety of material assumptions and factors, as are set out above. These forecasts may also be considered to consist of future-oriented financial information or a monetary outlook. The actual outcomes of the Business’s operations for any period will likely vary from the quantities stated in these forecasts and such variations might be product. Actual results will differ from predicted results. Readers are warned that any such financial outlook and future-oriented monetary details included herein ought to not be utilized for purposes aside from those for which it is disclosed herein.

The positive statements consisted of in this press release are made since the date hereof and the Business does not carry out any obligation to update openly or to modify any of the included positive statements, except as required by appropriate law. The forward-looking declarations consisted of herein are specifically certified by this cautionary declaration.

About BioMedican

BioMedican is a Biosynthesis Platform focused Scientific Cannabinoids Therapeutics and other high-value compounds. The company is based in Fremont, California that produces Pharmaceutical Grade, Bio-Identical plant-derived compounds that supply building blocks for the worldwide pharmaceutical, health and health, and customer packaged items industries.BioMediCan’s trademarked low-priced approaches of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts increases purity and reduces production costs by 70-90%. BioMedican’s present focus is in the production of Cannabinoids for the treatment of pain, anxiety, obesity, brain conditions, among other considerable indications. BioMediCan’s team of expert PHD scientists has a tested track record of patenting and establishing manufacturing technologies for high purity substances using Biosynthesis and genetics.

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BioMedican Discovers New Class of Cannabinoids; Sesqui CBG 3

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