2lbs of flower... help 1

2lbs of flower... help 2
By Jananec from Pixabay

2lbs of flower … help

Alright I formally have a problem.I purchase from every

good sale I see. And I simply do not take in sufficient vaping it lol.

I presently have it stored in double zip locks and dark mason jars all with boveda packs. In a dark cupboard.I’m worried about losing alot of it to numerous storage issues and time, etc.What is the simplest method to condense this down to smaller sized size that will

keep longer?Is crock pot and mct then stored in the fridge the best method to go?Looks for easy methods to condense it.Or to perhaps easily turn it into concentrate for dabbing.Help me out y’ all.Thanks! Released at Fri, 11 Sep 2020 00:53:29 +0000

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