2021 here we come! How well do you know your city? 1

2021 here we come! How well do you know your city? 2
By pasja1000 from Pixabay

2021 here we come! How well do you understand your city?

2021 here we come! How well do you know your city? 3

By Sue Saunders Locals joining together to share city delights while strolling, running and “plogging”. Did you find tricks that lie beyond the remarkable skyline?

Possibly during lockdown, you might have been one of those persons who, for needed workout and relief from being caged in the house, required to walking the streets of our city. It is most likely that you found locations formerly considered granted– possibly the City Library as opposed to the big State Library– and you were amazed when you came along a statue being safe and using a mask.

Some years ago, Residents 3000 released a program of walking (with some cable car flights) to discover the city’s wonderful secret locations. A guide would explain the history of each area and walkers would be rewarded at the end of their journey (and often throughout the journey) with stops at an unique bar or cafe. These tours were small groups of no greater than 12 people.

The trips were referred to as “3000 Actions” referring to our post code 3000. Recently such discovery trips are being restored.

Urban Blooms discovery tour

Late in November, when the city was essentially COVID-free, little groups of Citizens 3000 members rapidly set up several casual and unscripted strolls to explore intriguing locations, enjoy the parks, have an old-fashioned neighbourly chat and to share city understanding with one another.

It was such a satisfaction to venture out after the long lockdown, especially when the weather condition was being especially kind at the time. On one walk, members delighted in the Urban Blooms festival appreciating the gorgeous floral displays.

What is “Plogging”?

If you got an e-mail inviting you to come “plogging”, would you understand what that was?

Plogging is a Swedish idea that has become an around the world phenomenon. Now CBD locals, through Homeowners 3000, can be part of it within our own neighbourhood!

Plogging includes jogging or walking to select up litter. Our contemporary way of life produces too much plastic, cigarette butts, consume cans, bottles, coffee cups and so forth. Urban waste is polluting our waterways and rivers, eventually discovering its method to the oceans. In 2050, if absolutely nothing is done about the problem, researchers have actually approximated that there will be more plastic in ocean than fish!

What can be much better than combining working out with doing our part for the world! You can bring your pet along and potentially your kids or grandkids. Plogging in little groups is encouraging and certainly burns more calories than walking alone! (Bending, crouching, extending– a great muscle toner.)

You may believe, why choose up other people’s rubbish? But Homeowners 3000 ploggers can feel that they are producing visual awareness that keeping our city tidy is everyone’s task. It is a manner in which we can motivate individuals to do their part to assist the environment and to keep our city gorgeous. Believe about plogging our parks, our riverside, our laneways, plogging Fed Square– the list is endless.

Your committee is currently selecting dates for numerous 3000 Actions and Plogging occasions for 2021. These will be published on Facebook, our website, Instagram and by email to members. For example, look out for Homeowners 3000 taking part in “Australia Clean-up Day” on Sunday March 7.

Evaluate your city understanding

In the first week of February (Thursday, February 4 at 6pm) we are planning to hold our first live occasion at the Kelvin Club with the ever-popular Trivia Night. However, this event presumes that the City is free of COVID. Members are truly looking forward to satisfying up personally again. Keep an eye out for this event through our media outlets.

So, here we come, 2021! The focus is on everyone’s engagement and involvement as homeowners and fans of the city. We invite you to feel the energy and camaraderie of Citizens 3000 by taking part in our upcoming events and at the very same time make a distinction by helping the city thrive both financially and ecologically.

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